ATTENTION: For Those Who Are Serious About Taking Krav Maga Training To The Next Level...
Sign Up For 360 Krav Maga Master Class In Long Beach CA April 21/22, 2018
What You Will Learn From This Master Class:
 #1: How to train fighting 
See how we train fighting standing and on the ground with Alan Predolin, Chief Instructor of 360 Krav Maga, Marco Ruas, UFC legend, and Luiz Panza, one of the top 10 grapplers in the world. 
 #2: How to incorporate Combat Sports in your Krav Maga 
Krav Maga is the ultimate Mixed Martial Arts system. It is important to learn how to incorporate tools, techniques and training methodologies from other systems in Krav Maga
#3: How To unlock your Mastery
This is not a Master Class designed around a "Master", but instead a class designed to help you unlock your full potential.
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